Health & Fitness Niches Profitable!?!? - Review
Health & Fitness Niches?!?! Profifitable?!?

I noticed a topic at a different forum a couple days ago about a guy working with Health & Fitness niches. He made a journey thread writing down his process week to week. And because I have been working with incentive networks for a long time, I didn't think targeting Health & Fitness products was still very profitable.

Lets take a look at the latest products.

[Image: 9a5a037ab6aa466cab143111cccf71cd.png]

There's dozens of great opportunities standing with these products. I already know quite a few people who are advertising these products via SEO, PPC and paid traffic. Not even that but these guys are driving traffic to these products with free traffic.

Lets take a look at the other products in the Health & Fitness category. Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

Once you click Health & Fitness on the far middle left, you will find all of the sub categories where you will be able to hand pick a few products. The sky is the limit with all of these products because I believe each and every one has potential if advertised correctly.

Here are some first up questions. Do you work with Health & Fitness niches? Did you ever see success with advertising these type's of products?
And last but not least, would you like to see me post a case study regarding these type of products? I never tried ClickBank before however I tried many affiliate networks just like it.

[Image: 541f94ebb1e24c5cabbe7bc7cf41c17e.png]
[Image: 654bda88bc6c49dc8765bf245253acb8.png]
They are indeed very profitable but be prepared to invest thousands just for warming up accounts and not to mention the atrocious CPC you get lol
Yes,m it's highly profitable iche. I'm on this biz
I am thinking of working with the niche but at a time in fear of competition going on

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