Help from experienced marketers only
Hi experienced Affiliate marketers please help me on this and please don't tell me it depends or tell me 2 Just choose one . What would you recommend for someone who wants to make their first cash. If I try to split between all of them I will earn nothing so I can't test all of them. Just recommend the one I caN make most money on,you can pm me or just reply here. It would be really appreciated.
which is best to promote I get about 1000 clicks a day.
A) Adverten smartlink
B) Crakrevenue smart link
C) Adult Friend Finder
D)  recommendation for the best even if not on the list. ANY other website??
Thank you in advance.
Just one.
I don't think 1000 clicks a day will bring you much revenue unless it's razor targeted, but I can recommend against using AFF until you read their fine print, as they will find a way not to pay you.

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