[High quality accounts] Google Adwords and Facebook accounts
Hello guys!

we working as a senior executive running FB and GG ads for SMEs company in VietNam
we have trusted accounts of both Facebook and Google to run advertising.

- Our customers can spend a lot of money and not worry about being locked.

- These accounts help you promote business with google ads and drive traffic.

- Our accounts can spend a day 5k$/ 1 day

- We can open 2-5 accounts for you

- We have been running ads for a number of national and international companies.

- After providing advertising accounts for a lot of customers, we do have a lot of experience in running the ads. We can assist you with the experience we had and we hope to share and learn more from you guys.

Feel free to contact me via Sky pe: blueskydz9x

Thanks !!          
We still provide quality accounts for you guys! Smile
Feel free to contact me :D we hope to cooperate with you guys!
We still provide quality fb and gg adwords accounts for you guys! :D
Feel free to contact me via sky pe, we have quality google and facebook accounts : Blueskydz9x
We still provide quality accounts for you guys, feel free to contact me via skype to discuss in detail.
Really how can we get the accounts please tell fast
Wow that was great, how much I have to pay you for this....? thank you bro

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