How Do I Start With Bitcoin?
Ok, confession here...even though I've worked full time online since 2007, I've had a painful history of letting opportunities fly by me.

For example, when Ecigs first started I was contacted by a network to promote it, but I thought it would never sell, so I declined. Then, 6 months later, I realized I was wrong, but by then everyone and his grandma was selling them and the competition was too strong. I still earned $800 a week for awhile from it, but eventually they became available in local stores and online sales dried up completely.

So, then Bitcoin came along and I was again looking at it like a worthless investment in the early days. I never would have guessed one coin would be worth so much as it is today. However, I do agree with what Mark Cuban & Kevin O'Leary have said recently that it's really not a currency and is more an asset, like baseball cards, that fluctuates in value enormously. I don't think it will ever give money a run for it's,

That being said, I'd like to take a further look at maybe adding Bitcoin as another revenue stream. How do I get started? I read there are a lot of scams, so I'm asking members here who have already been through it as to where I should go to learn more safely.

I want legit info only. Don't bombard me with ref links. If you have to flog a ref link to someone else's site to earn a few cents, then you're obviously not earning a lot yourself and so your program is not worth joining.

I've also seen scripts that mostly [email protected] place on websites that mine Bitcoins from the CPU of visitors. I consider that to be sleazy and unethical, BUT brilliant at the same time.

Feel free to post whatever info you feel is worth knowing about how to earn Bitcoin in this thread.

Thanks in advance!

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