How not to be out of pocket and create a profitable banner and landing?
Why do you need to create a great banner ads?

Advertisement is one of the stages of the conversion path. This is our tool of impact on the client. Before launching an advertising campaign, we can influence the technical and creative part, after - it all depends on the user. Initially correctly created banners and landings, as well as correctly chosen mobile publishers, save your money and strengthen positions relative to competitors.

Types of advertisement and their characteristics:

  • What does a person see at first?
  • Why does he or she click? Does he or she always read the headline?
  • On what does it depend whether he or she read it or not?
Depending on the content of the picture, the person will either read it or simply click it without hesitation. From what kind of reaction we expect from the client, the format of the ad depends.

The advertisements can be:
  • screaming (shock),
  • with product image,
  • causing desire.

1. People click on screaming advertisements, as a rule, unconsciously, simply because they cause interest.

What characterizes these advertisements?

Most often this is a high CTR and a low conversation. They are interesting when we can redeem clicks at a very low price. If we care about the total amount of traffic and want to get it the most quality, then this strategy is not the most suitable. Often there is such a thing when the grid is packed with such a high competition that other types of advertisements (not screaming) are very difficult to catch on top.

2. Banners with product image are good when we sell watches, iPhones, a certain product that people know.

Here the emphasis is on the content of the picture, when a person still reads ads.

3. Advertisements that cause desire, sell a dream (weight loss for example). This is not absurd if a person's interest.

If we place an attractive blonde on the banner, it's likely that men will just click without reading the text, but if we take a photo before and after, it already shows some dynamics, a person subconsciously realizes that this is an article about it, there is some changes in it, it's not just about a blonde, but about a product. Has the breast changed? I also want such breast! Have I lost weight? And I so want.

[Image: 36sZOz8-C1A.jpg]

Features of such an advertisement: CTR average, the conversion can be high or low, but it is above average, comparing with the screaming advertisement, and then how lucky you are, how the combination of the picture with the header will hook.

There is an option calling advertisement + text, this is when a cup of a green mixture of some sort is represented, such as a drink, lemon, ginger, anything. A person does not understand what they wanted to say by this, he seems to have no desire to click on it aimlessly, but interest manifests itself. Why do they show me a lemon? Are lemons sold? Hardly. Below is the text, it prompts the association, encourages you to find out, intrigue throws. And what is it?

Draw a Portrait

Who is your target audience? Unrealised a 30 year-old men, housewives from Poland? And what worries these people?

Answering such questions, you can draw a portrait of a potential client. Understanding the needs of its target audience, it is easier to create an effective ad with a catchy title and a suitable picture.

[Image: Zt6mMirWcmk.jpg]

Remember, you are not your target audience. What seems interesting to you, it is possible not to cause any emotion in other people. Forums, for example - that's the source of information people are interested in. Show on the advertisement the solution of the problem and people will be interested, too.

Use effective techniques

Nobody likes to read advertisements. It's true. But there are good ones that we can still use to catch the attention of a person. Consider some tricks in the headers that you can apply to make your ad more efficient.
  • Discovery. "Doctors finally told ..", "Scientists have proved ..." Such headlines arise interest and encourage a person to learn something "new"
  • Uniqueness. "A unique opportunity to improve your life ..", "The world's first method .." Give people a feeling of belonging to something special, play with curiosity.
  • Fashion. Stand out, be in a trend - that's what most modern men and women want. Show that with the purchase of a phone / lighters / hours a person will become steeper. Suitable headlines: "Stand out among friends ...", "Women adore men with this .."
  • Call to action. "You can quit smoking,"You can lose weight " Such positive attitudes inspire the person.
  • Emotions. People buy not the goods, but the emotion, the way to get rid of the pain. Arise positive emotions by your ad, a sense of celebration. This disposes the person to click on the ad.
  • Numbers. Use odd numbers, this gives credibility information. "Lose Weight in 23 Days", "Discount 31%"
  • Anchor. Desire to match. "The best moms use this ..", "A good hostess can not do without ..."
  • The simplicity of the method. The heading "Losing weight with a lemon" or any other product indicates the simplicity that the client likes, who does not want to make an effort. Let's say lemon juice + Goji berries = weight loss. Problem - solution. This is the main method of advertising.
  • Create a deficit. "After 2 hours the goods may end", "The last shipment of goods imported into the country." You can create an "urgency" in the form of a timer. Use it or not - will show split testing. Urgency is a factor that does not allow the user to think, move away from the phone.
Use catchy words: simple, free, shocking, deceptive, true.

Experiment. Any fantasy can work

A picture can cause an interest in the text, but if the text is substandard or very different, then the client will not click.

The important point: that there was a certain combination. It works well when a person clicks on a picture, goes to land, and there he sees the same picture, the same title or the same text 1:1, this greatly increases loyalty. The relevance principle works. A person creates a sense of trust, he thinks "Here it is. I'm in the right place."

You can try to make an inversion, for example, we have a red apple, make it pink, it's an image, combine the incompetent (blue oranges, yellow strawberry).

Stand out! Any fantasy can work.

For example, when good professional banners are placed next to your advertisement - do your ad by hand. As if it is drawn in pencil or pen in an involuntary form, it very often converts well.

Summary: only the test can show what goes well. Even if you find your profitable ad network, do not stop at testing, you can never predict what works best.

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