How to Make $100 per Day Using OGAds And Facebook in 2017 NO LOCK!
I have been making money with Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. networks from few years now. OGAds has become my favorite CPA network.. CPA is not my main source of income but i use CPA income to fund my new online projects.
CPA money is also considered as quick & easy money. If you are just trying to start Internet marketing journey with little or no investment, then CPA is suitable for you. If you don’t know what CPA is then let me tell you, CPA stands for Cost Per Action, so whenever your visitors complete an offers like Installing a mobile app, submitting email or zip codes, you will make $1 to $20 or even more. Actually CPA is more easier than Affiliate marketing because you don’t have to sell anything to get your commission.
Most of the newbies gets stuck with link shrink & PTC sites and you can’t even make $5 in a month with these shitty sites.
The truth is you are going in a wrong path. If you use all the efforts on CPA instead of wasting time on these ptc sites, you will make at least 100$ or more for sure.
I work on a lot of CPA networks. Few months ago, my friend showed me his stats of OGAds earnings. It was impressive. So i decided to give it a try. I wanted to split test if i can make money with OGads & Facebook page & Groups without spending money to promote the offers.
My strategy was to run a Giveaway on my Facebook pages & drive traffic to my site with content locker and the result was amazing. I managed to earn 240$ in 4 days.
I already made $600+ in 3 weeks & this method worked really well. So,I decided to share my method with my readers.
Getting started with OGAds?
To make money with CPA network, you must choose a good network with good offes & payouts. OGAds is the new talk of the town. OGAds performs really well with mobile traffic. You can sign up on OGAds Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites..
OGAds approves almost all new CPA marketers but make sure to send them honest answers while signing up. Tell them you will use Facebook & Instagram to drive traffic to your offers. And if you have previous CPA marketing experience, then this will be a plus point to get accepted.But don’t worry, you will get accepted into this network easily as long as your answers are honest.
Now after getting accepted, you are ready to make money.
Create a simple WordPress website. I use Namecheap to buy domains. I run most of my viral site on Bluehost & they are really reliable.
After you have a domain & a hosting, Install wordpress & use a simple theme. Now your website are up & running to make money.
How to make money with Facebook & OGAds?
If you have Facebook page with few thousands likes then you are ready to promote offers. If you don’t have Facebook pages, then don’t worry i will tell you how to grow your Facebook pages to make money using OGAds.
Create a new Facebook Page, make sure to pick a niche with crazy amount of Fan base. Just make a quick search on Facebook. For example, search “Marvel”  & switch to groups tab on search result. If you see many groups with thousands of members then you are in the right direction.
Join all the group one by one, Start slowly, you don’t want to get in Facebook prison right? If your Facebook account is Old, you can join up to 50 groups per day, but if you have new Facebook account, warm them up for few days before joining groups, you will be fine.

After you have created a new Facebook page & join tons of groups. Just post picture on your page that have potential to get comments. For example, Marvel vs DC. And share the posts on related groups. Marvel fans will go crazy & comment the shit out of it. Do this everyday for a week. Then you will get thousands of followers (hell active) in no time.
Now here comes the easy part. Time to make some money. Well, you have worked so hard, now is the time for some cake.
How to send traffic from Facebook to OGAds’s content locker?
So you have thousands of dedicated fans in your page, they love Marvel so much. Now go to Ali express & search some T-shirts or phone cases related to your niche.. Find some good looking & cheap stuff. Copy the image & edit it in Photoshop or some other photo editing tools. Write “Your Niche Giveaway”. For me I would write ” Marvel giveaway”
Then upload your picture & put description like this;
“We are giving away free Marvel T-shirts to 4 Lucky winners, To participate in this giveaway follow these simple steps”
Step 1: Like this Post
Step 2: Share this Post
Step 3: Comment “Done”
Step 4: Sign up ( Click here to sign up: “Link” )
In step 4, here’s a twist, make a article about this giveaway. Insert a email submit form & write like this
Tell us where to send the Shirt, if you win this giveaway
” Email Newsletter”.

Now, go to OGAds, then Incentive tools, click on Content Locker.
I will tell you how to create content locker step by step, so everyone will understand.
In Note, write something about this locker so it will be easy for us to remember.
Now write “Your Giveaway Name” & Description “Verify you are a Human by completing any one of these tasks, You will be redirected to Marvel giveaways”
Set conversion required to unlock this page: 1. This means they have to install an app or complete any one offers to unlock the web page.
You can also set the conversion required to 2. You can Split test which works best for you. These fans are crazy & they can do anything to get the giveaway stuffs so 2 conversion converted well for me also but you can always try what works best for you.
Use CPI prioritized, then CPA + Pin submits . Cost per Install converts really well, Pin submits costs them money & nobody want to spend money for participating in the giveaway, Right?Email submits also works well but just set it as CPI.
Finish editing, then copy the content locker code & Paste it in the site. Now copy the link & you can make a simple landing page with an Image of your niche & click here button, then redirected the visitors from landing page to sign up form with content locker.
Copy the landing page link & shorten it using ***** or Now paste that in step 4 of the Facebook post. Then publish it in your Facebook page.

Your fans will slowly start participating in this giveaway. You can also warm up by posting comments from your other Facebook accounts then people will start sharing & comment like crazy. Soon this will go viral & You will see the stats & earning rising in OGAds.
You will get some messages saying they can’t signup & stuffs. Tell them to try again until it works.
Don’t forget to compare the report & start split-testing by increasing & decreasing conversion required.
Your Facebook post will reach to thousands of fans & it will keep making money for you for the whole month.
Just pick up some random winners & send them their gifts & ask them to send us a picture with their brand new shirt. You can post them on your Facebook page, so more people will trust you in your next giveaway. And you will be making more money using OGAds on your next giveaway.
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