How to learn Hard Programming ?
Hey guys ! I'm new here! Can I ask you how to learn really hard programming ?

I mean I' ve started with python but I really don't get it lol also don't understand algorithms ... how can I understand these things ? Thanks
In my opinion the best way to learn programming is language documentation + google + stackoverflow. Just set new goals and go. What can I say more? ;)
The best thing to do is get a simple project in mind and start working on it. Make a calculator for example, you'll learn some good logic as well as GUI. There are also a lot of free coding tutorials online nowadays.
I have been coding for years now and everything i knew i learn on youtube, its a funny story because i went to uni to learn coding and my first class i finished the 6 week test in the 20 min intro into the class, this was all because of youtube

If you do use youtube i would suggest finding someone you understand and stick with that one person, i confused my self going from vid to vid but when i started only watching one or 2 people it changed everything.
I am a self-taught web developer, never once have I paid to learn anything about it.

Great sites to get tips from, and to learn from are:
  • YouTube
  • StackOverFlow
  • Google (Goolge parts of a script/code you want to make)
I agree with the Admin, try to focus on a few sources at one time. Once you've learned all they can teach you, select others. 
You've picked a good language, Python should be in use for a while.
Finally, don't call it "Hard" Programming. That doesn't put your mind into a receptive state. Call it "Serious" programming or something like that. :-)

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