How to promote free startup android app
It depends on your aims and budgets.
First, you’d need to make a decent ASO which would include your Title and Description being optimized for the traffic keywords and the high quality Logo & Screenshots so people would actually want to installs your app from the rankings you’d achieve.
After that, you should run an incent installs campaign together with the reviews one.
And all these things you can do at one place: KeenMobi. They would promote your app for the lowest prices by providing real people installs, reviews, ratings, ASO and other cool bonuses.

Services Available:

100% Real People Reviews, Ratings and Installs
Custom Marketing Packages For Each Client
Free ASO Services (Title & Description Keyword Optimization)
Screenshots, Logo High Quality Redesign/Enhancement
If you are interested in any App Promotion services (installs/reviews/ratings/ASO/keyword installs), contact me at Skype: "keenmobi"
Ok, we get your point....keenmobi is please stop spamming it in every post you make!

The proper way to do it is to create ONE promotional post for your network and then update your stuff there. You'll get a much better response that way than to have members report your posts as spam.

You've been given a warning. Any further self promotion posts will be removed and you will be banned. Do the right thing and contribute in other ways to our community. After a short period of time you can then put your network in your sig so everyone can see it.

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