How to start making money on Nutra
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Hey, guys! Today we will discuss how to work with Nutra offers and make good money in this vertical  Smile

Nutra (Health & Beauty, Nutraceuticals, Nutra) are various health products. The most common niches in Nutra are vitamins, male enhancement, brain/memory support, weight loss, skin care/beauty etc. Experienced affiliate managers claim that Nutra offers let make profit of any GEO. Also Nutra is a great start for the newbies in affiliate marketing (however for beginners it is usually  recommended to  focus on the least competitive GEOs like Easter Europe or Asia).

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The best options of traffic sources for Nutra are:
- Facebook
- Search ads
- Native ads
- Instagram
- Teaser ads

So how to make money on Nutra?

1. Facebook
There is no doubt that FB is particularly good for Nutra, however, it implies certain restrictions. There are several options of using FB as a traffic source:
a. Your own (organic) subscribers of a personal page or a group;
b. Posts in the relevant communities with a large number of subscribers;
c. FB targeted ads.
FB targeted ads is the most complicated option for Nutra offers promotion due to the all requirements of the FB. The FB has its own rules regarding those offers that you can and can not promote. Too aggressive advertising messages or images will receive many clicks, but there is a high chance that you will simply be banned (even though the advertisement has been  initially approved). And here is a method of "cloaking", disguise. It shows one landing to the moderator and another landing to the real visitor (based on IP address, country, etc.). Affiliates often use cloaking and it's really working, but there's always a high risk to get banned by FB.

2. Search ads
It is your choice - Bing or Google, however Bing is less competitive.
Appropriate targeting + catchy ad can bring you a lot of good converting traffic. But keep in mind, that some offers have restrictions in bidding on branded keywords.

3. Native ads
Native ads do not distract users from consuming main content of a page, so they are very effective. Native ads for Nutra offers should trigger an emotional response, so pay attention to the creatives. Write a short text which sounds journalistic and do not give away the complete information about a product in your ad. Your task is to make users click on your ads. One more advise: do not direct users from ads right to the sales page, instead do a pre-lander which will convince users in their purchase decision.

4. Instagram
As far as Nutra products can be presented in a visual way very successfully, Instagram is also one of the best traffic options for them. You can use IG for getting traffic in a few ways:
a. An account/s devoted to offers with relevant content;
b. Posts in relevant IG profiles with 1000+ subscribers;
c. IG targeted ads.

5. Teaser ads
If you use teaser ads in a right way - they will undoubtedly give you the desired result. When creating an ad, pay attention to the text: use numbers, promises and intriguing titles. The two main emotions which may cause trigger ad are shock and curiosity. Also do not ignore the targeting possibilities of teaser networks.  

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