INSTANTLY Index Any Link! (Without Pinging!)
I've been using a very nice tip that will index any page without pinging. After doing this... my pages show up in the SERPs in seconds!

Google+ Profile Shares

Here's How it Works:
Unlike simply +1'ing a URL, a Google+ "link share" must be done from a profile page. You can't simply throw a bunch of +1's at a link, you MUST post the URL on a profile page for this to work properly, and you MUST use the link sharing button.

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It seems that it might not always work for brand new profiles. Make sure a few people follow you first, this only takes a few minutes. I've been using this instead of Pinging, its from Google's own home. This method is safer and its directly from Google themselves.

A Word of Caution:
At the moment, this is extremely effective. However, I would imagine that there should be some caution taken when you do this. Don't over-do it, and don't submit garbage URL's.

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