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I see many offers that are incentive from cpalead for example which offer an offer wall to put on your website, problem is I dont have a website the I have nowhere to put the offerwall and because incentive offers pay less its doesn't seem viable to use paid traffic such as PPC etc. Is it possible to promote incent offers without having your own website?

Have a look at my thread below if you need a website to place your offerwall on. It can't be CPAlead however, as that network is already on the site.

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I checked out your link but to be honest I am a noob when it comes to promotion so I wouldnt be able to promote your site and as you mention you wouldnt want noobs to use it.


Incentive offers usually have a lower payout than non-incentive offers.


Because you're getting conversions by giving something to the user in return. For example, I'll let you watch my super cool video, if you download this app. Or you'll earn more lives in my game, if you answer this survey and submit your email with it!

Got it?

It's a reward given so as to lure and acquire users!

Non-incent offers tend to acquire more loyal users, though.


Because these people are really into the product that's being advertised. They like it, and don't need an incentive to do so.

There was something on the banner (or whatever promotion form) that got the user's attention. That's why they went and acquired the product, motivated by their own will. At the end of the day, these driven users will make you more profitable as an affiliate marketer.

Can you promote incent offers without having something to give away in return? I think so. Nonetheless, if you have the same product in a non-incent version, go for that one! Always!


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