Instagram Bot - Issue like problem ( need real solution )
Hello everyone. 
we are a pro-SMM team, we work with a Bot on Instagram.
As we all know, games have changed since September, and the issues are so many.

The problems we have encountered in the last two months were: 
Can't-do like posts (or very few like) / Important daily slowdowns

I want you to know this, we did ANY Test, with safe mode, with right delay etc, on these desktop bots: 
FollowLiker / FollowingLike / Ninjagram / InstaHub / GramDominator/ GMT2 / Jarvee .

I know what you think now ... and what about proxies? 

We have bought, tested in great detail the largest proxy companies: 
MassProxy - MyPriveteProxy - Storm Proxy - RotatingProxies - BuyProxies - BuyPersonalProxy - NinjaProxies - BlazingSeo - Proxyseller. (we are also finishing testing SSLPrivateProxy - ActProxy - ProxyNVps)

The result?
The problems are the same, no improvement. 
We tried all proxy categories (Private IG - Premium IG - Rotating - Rotating dedicated - Residential - Residential Dedicated) USA - Europe etc. 

we didn't find the solution, for now, we've all tried them, and we keep trying them all, only Ninjagram at the moment makes like on the post without error, but for us, it is not the ideal professional solution.

All of these tests have been made on 30 accounts, some very old, others younger, the result does not change. Problems are the same by all accounts, at any time, with any safe setting and even longer delays.

We talked to all bot programmers and with all the proxy company, no one has given us the solution yet and it just seems like a BIG question.

Also specific, to be clear, our bots are installed on VPS "Aruba Cloud", located in Italy, with one IP.
4Core - 8G Ram etc... very powerful.

The questions are : 
- Are we the only one with this problem?
- Can it be a problem associated with VPS's IP?
- Where can the problem be?
- How come no proxy company or bot developer as no answer?
- Where is the real solution?

we need to talk to some professional, who knows how to solve this problem, what's going on, and if we're wrong about something. We are willing to pay for this.

Forgive the length of the post, but it is important for us to solve, and we wanted to be very clear. 


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