Kucoin Exchange / Kucoin Shares (KCS)
Today i decided to make that post for Kucoin Share (KCS), so i can bring to people my knowledge about this promising coin.

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First i will start saying that Kucoin is an exchange that started working on August and is based on  currency. It was the first exchange that listed red pulse (RPX) the first NEO based coin.

Kucoin has it,s own token, KCS. Kucoin exchange charges a 0.1% fee for every trade, 0.1% for buyer and 0.1% for seller. The 50% of the fees collected are shared among the KCS holders daily based on some calculations. These calculations are based on the daily volume of the exchange.

Fees collected are the half of the exchange's volume. 

Then they calculated the % of your KCS holdings. 

KCS you own/total supply (100.000.000)= % you own.

The amount of the money you get is the fees that are collected * the % you own.

For now maybe this amount to be less that you expected, but Kucoin is targeting for big things, to be on top 10 exchanges.  So as exchange's volume increases , your daily income increases too.

Keep in mind that KCS price can be increased and your profit will get bigger. Also your profit every day is shared not in USD but in all coins Kucoin Exchange has, and this number is increasing every week. Last but not least is that you also get KCS every day from fees, so every next day your % of your holdings will be increadsing rapitly and also the daily profit.

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