[LEAK] TopFuckingSecret by Jared Codling
Great straightforward course with latest tips and hacks to use on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and much more.
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Password: 201072
1. Viral Bot Explosion
Use Messenger Bots to go viral and blow up a Facebook campaign

2. Medium Smasher
Rank #1 on any category of Medium.com for $6

3. Dirt Cheap FB Targeting
Steal the shit outta other peoples groups, my group now, bitch

4. Targeting Rich People
Target rich people on FB, super easy

5. Gamification
This shit is just plain fun for ad creatives

6. Instagram Followers [email protected]
Get 1000's of followers, FAST

7. 3D Photos (on FB)
Because 3D beats 2D, it's just plain math bro.

8. Snip'n'Pixel
Use other peoples content to build audiences (F*** yeah)

9. Influencer Contact Wins
Sick method for getting influencers to write back

10. Quiz Funnel Breakdown
Quiz Funnels are how I got 200k+ leads for $0.09ea

11. Pattern Interrupts
Get attention = Get Paid

12. Square Canvas FB [email protected] Dirt cheap FB leads via Facebook Canvas
Dirt cheap FB leads via Facebook Canvas

13. Media Manipulator
How I got the #1 article on TechCrunch for 4 days straight

14. Just Go Viral?
How to go viral - principles, strategies, examples

15. Black Hat SEO
Rank easy and fast by breaking all the rules

16. Ultimate Stalker
Get anyones details (#DoxThem) even celebrities

17. Get Anyones Personal Email
NOTE: DEPRECATED (LinkedIn Patched Shit)

18. Instant YouTube Rankings
Rank SUPER fast on YouTube, with F*** all effort

19. [email protected] Instagram
This is super-broad, but you need to know this shit for IG

20. Sent from iPhone' email [email protected]
CRAZY email 'personalization' at scale

21. Lightning Fast Ad Approvals
Instant FB Ad Approvals (even of shit that normally wouldn't pass)

22. Scraping Slack
Super easy, scrape the shit outta those groups

23. Cheap Influencer Videos
Get a $10k influencer video for like $100 lol

24. Instant Articles [email protected]
FB Instant Articles are TOTALLY underused

25. Perfect Reviews
Get 5-star reviews like cray-crazy

26. Advanced Search Querys
Use advanced search queries to find leads and shizzz

27. Crazy Instagram Reach
Reach 100's of thousands of targeting IG users, cheap

28. Email Deliverability Mastery
Inbox that shit. Even when you're spamming.

29. Post-Jacking
Straight-up evil way to jack competitors ad spend

30. Contact CEO's (and get replies)
Cold email still works (if its not shit)

31. Hiring on UpWork
Especially for Scraping - find the perfect scraping dude for cheap

32. Destroy Competitors
Black hat as F***. Not for the faint hearted.

33. Gaming Quora
Rape Quora, get paid. SUPER potential.

How can I get these... or how to download it. Is it really work still now.
(09-19-2019, 12:24 PM)nb621 Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.How can I get these... or how to download it. Is it really work still now.

Did you use the password?

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