Learning Path Aurelia Web Development for UI Developers
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Learning Path: Aurelia: Web Development for UI Developers
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Write clean, modular code with the next generation javascript framework

Aurelia is one of the most promising new javascript frameworks for mobile, desktop, and web, which makes developing powerful, modern web applications a straightforward task. It allows you to write pure javascript. If you're an UI developer looking forward to learn this next generation, open source UI framework, this Learning Path is for you. You'll be immersed in the javascript world, where you will mature as a developer by exploring the best practices for building an original, functional, and useful cross-platform library. After having ensured you had basic understanding of Aurelia, this Learning Path will walk you through a todo list application and setting up the development environment. Finally, we'll take you through a modern web application and move on to talk about tools, modules, web standards, and testing.

This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

Mastering javascript (4h 10m)
Aurelia Web Development - Part 1 (7h 24m)


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