Let me tell you a bit about who I am.
Sup heroes,

A little introduction about me.

I've done tons of jobs in my life from freelance webdesign to garbage man to computer repairs to being an orderly to construction worker and everything between it.

Had a couple of shit years being homeless, an alcoholic and not the coolest guy in town.

Left all that shit behind me now and last year I was contemplating what to do with my life. As computers, the internet, webdesign always peaked my interest I started getting interested in the concept of Internet Marketing.

Working on my own, for my benefits only sounded like music in my ears. Outside the internet I have became a bit of a social outcast. Having seen so much shit in the world, in my life I CBB much with society and their BS anymore.

I enjoy my life the most sitting behind my computer, doing things my way while listening to music, no people bitching around me, just living in my own world hence the name "The Lone Wolf"

About last year I started joining several boards, checking out a lot of IM courses, YT videos, reading blogs etc and have gained a LOT of knowledge about CPA, dropshipping, PPC, SEO, Botting, AM etc

Pretty much this whole year wasn't about making money but about gaining knowledge, learning, failing and researching. In the process I made some beer money here and then, I am registered with all big and know CPA networks and on all of them I got pocket change stashed.

Currently building a couple IG accounts that are linked to my niche sites and it is going above expectation Smile

My goal really is CPA PPC because that is where the real money is at but that requires descent budgets for split-testing and optimizing so currently I am stuck with BH YT techniques and Niche sites through social media and SEO which I absolutely HATE but it is what it is.

So, if you made it this far thanks for reading and howl back ;)
Welcome to our forum!

The IM world is full of stuff to read, but knowledge is power, right??

Maybe you could create a journey thread so we could follow your progress?

Good luck!
Thank you.

Yeah, I thought a couple times about journey thread the thing is, I am really bad keeping those up to date haha

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