Looking For Game Reward Site Promotor (50/50 Rev split)
I have an old established reward site that gives out game cards that has been left in the dust while I chase down other pursuits (I'm a squirrel, I know). I am looking for someone who is a good at promoting this type of site on forums, social media, etc. The site is monetized with CPA offerwalls, so our partnership will be to split the revenue through offerwall placement. IE. You get 100% from your offerwall placements on the site and I get 100% from mine. You can even have the top spot for maximum exposure!

So, you do the promotion and I provide the entire site already built AND the hosting, so your investment is ZERO money.

So, what have you got to lose? Hit me up in PM!

NOTE: No time wasters please, as I'm too busy for that. If you know what you're doing, then let's do it, but if you're a newbie just looking for me to guide you, then you need to look somewhere else. I used to do mentoring but I'm semi retired and spend most of my time building my ultimate games room now.
Hello. I don't know if you are still looking for a partner, but I can help you with what you need. I am good at marketing sites like the one you have, and I also have development experience, so I can help with some stuff as well. Please feel free to skype me at 'thefriendlywebguy' or email me at '[email protected]'
Vouch for Asmodeus. You can trust this guy.

Vouch for Asmodeus. You can trust this guy.

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