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Hello guys, as we all know it is summer time now and people have more time to be near PC or Mobile so that means more conversions for us. Smile

If you have a lot or even lower traffic it is always good to have good CR and EPC, and that is why we offer our users best converting offers for almost any kind of traffic you have.

If you are in Gaming niches, Diet, Email submits, whatever you do we have offers for those verticals and they convert very good for all of our users. And I can always bump payouts for your offers and optimize them if needed. Here are some of the preview of our new and best performing offers:

[Image: JmXP8-_MRsuMRqLoFecnQQ.png]

And here is the preview of earnings with those offers:

[Image: nYHb3XF6S7Wmhg7crDnhcg.png]

One more thing that people forgot if you earn more we even give BONUS CASH.
So more you work the more you will get paid.

As I got bonus of 300$ as you can see bellow:
[Image: liTWgiAAR2WD3sRdpP2irg.png]

For more info about rewards you can check it here:
[Image: JYWRz-LiQk2NjAe6Hk2oAw.png]

If you need any support or have any questions you can always contact me here or on the skype and email.

My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is: [email protected]
Hello guys, there are some new changes in CPA World and I bet you all see them.

Here at Mgcash we are keeping up with the time and we made some huge updates so it will help you with earnings. As far as you know everybody who is pushing France traffic there have been problems because of the advertisers, but we have found some new offers that will convert good and even better than last offers. And not just FR we have added a lot more other offers with amazing CR and EPC as you can see bellow:

[Image: c535760ac015af00fe605ad27add31bc.png]

[Image: 79Pc0GadTe_5vrZaNlROqQ.png]

We have also updated our Pre Hosting Landing Pages and added new ones PLUS you can create your own generator for every niche you want. Within few minutes you can have unique generator that will have amazing CR and EPC.

Here you can preview Edited Generator that you can use for your niches:

[Image: 6jpm62lCQHWBu3PqOzWsOQ.png]

On this Landing Page you can change whatever you want as you can see here:

[Image: tUZkf5NQT9y06-_PC4Y1hA.png]

Plus we can get you any offer you need with better payouts than other networks!
So if you need any help with anything let me know and I will help you out.

My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is: [email protected]

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