Make $100 for 10 minutes of work (USA Facebook Account Needed)

If you or a friend/family member has a real and active US facebook account then you can make $100 for literally 10 minutes of work.

I'm paying $100 to make a facebook page and post some health ads on that page. I don't need your account information so you’re account is 100% safe.

I recommend that you contact a family/friend who doesn't advertise on facebook.

Here is a checklist to know if you qualify:
  • You live in the US
  • Facebook account is more than a year old
  • Real friends and active
  • Don’t have a suspended ad account
  • Have a paypal account to receive payment

Here is the process:
  • I use teamviewer to connect with you and setup the page (less than 5 minutes)
  • I add my card to the page for the ads
  • you get paid $50 to paypal right away
  • 3 days later I’ll reconnect to properly stop the ads and remove the card
  • You get another $50 immediately

This is the easiest $100 you can ever get and I’m looking for many accounts! Limit one per household.

P.S. You can tell your friends about this and take a cut of the payment.


I'll be running health ads that begin to push facebook fitness ad limits. For example, Facebook doesn't want health ads to show a "perfect body image" or talk about losing a lot of weight quickly.

Stretching these rules a little bit result in high profits but they are risky so I like to work with many different accounts and do it on a small scale on each account mixed in with fully compliant ads. Also, I only run ads for a few short days on each account to limit the chance of suspension of your advertising abilities.

There is a risk of losing the advertising function of your facebook account (it has happened 5 out of 23 times). Only work with me if you accept the risk that you may lose the ability to advertise until you contact support and sort out the issue.

If you don't want to risk your account then you can get a family member who would never use their account to advertise.


I DO NOT want to buy facebook accounts. Facebook account suppliers please don't contact me.

PM me your Skype info or post it here to speak further.

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