Making money using popular game niche CPA, OGAds & IG. Need answers please!!
Hello guys. I am new to all this and have IMPORTANT questions. 
I just spent the week learning, analysing and organising stuff on the internet in relate with CPA marketing. Then I took the best from it.
I just need to confirm, that all I found out got sense and would be very gladful, if someone could answer me all the questions Smile. (btw sry 4 my English) 
1.) Finding niche - I choose the niche "Idle Heroes". Following Wealthy Hustler's instructions, set up the landing page. Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. 
2.) Registered and already bein accepted to OGAds - created the Content Locker and implemented it to my page. (question 2: Can I get to any trouble, if I filled the W8 code?) 
3.) Registered domain & webserver with WHOIS protection (question 3: does that mean I cannot be tracked?) and uploaded the LP here. 
4.) Bought bot FollowLiker (question 4: better options thesedays?)
5.) Bought 40-60 VPN related with IG accounts. (with niche in the name, here comes next question 5: Which option should I use to make best results with the bot? It is popular Google Play app game, so should I set the bot to find users via hashtags like "IdleHeroes" etc.? I bet there must be better options to set the bot. I really understand when someone use let's say niche "Weed", he could automate bot to search users that used hashtag "Weed", "marijuana" etc. but should I use same procedure in this situation?)
6.) question 6: If I'll pay taxes properly, should I worry about something?
Is there something important I forgot to mention?

Btw: (I mean I havent done all the stuff yet, but thats my plan. Is it suppose to work if I'll follow exactly all the steps?)

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