Mobile Targeting is INSANE.
I can easily get around 15,000 views/1.5k clicks a month, but the conversion rates are terrible and I really don't know which network to use honestly.

I wont go into how I get this traffic but I can tell you it's 100% legit and 100% mobile which is completely insane if I had a pin submit or something similar.

Anyone have any experience with this that can help a soul out?
(09-21-2014, 06:33 AM)Benzo Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Yeah, I've had experience with this. What do you need help with exactly?
I just need a recommendation to a network that specializes with pin submits and or high converting leads with mobile apps.

It's crazy, I literally got 900 views/743 clicks 19 leads today imagine If I expanded that?
Mobile traffic has always been horrible for me too, however, I have been monetizing it from the beginning. Check out a WP plugin called lightbox (I think that's it), it's basically popunders for mobile traffic.
Well it does depend where you get it from since there is the term "targeted traffic". Personally I would like to have 100 hits with huge ROI than 100K hits with no conversion.

Check the niches where the traffic comes from. It is always related to the last place/website they were at.

You could try with mobile offers cash, free gifts apps etc..
PMd you with a nice network with high offers. Check it. Reply if you decide to join
I can get you .30 epc mobile email submits. HMU if you're interested.
With the traffic lender popcash in sent 100 dollars of traffic and I can get 3 times what is invested, but this I do when when an offer is converting bine and is the niche to send all that traffic

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