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Mobile10 - smartlink for mobile traffic
Take a look at TOP-3 fresh offers!
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First place
Dev: mobile phones
Geo: IT
CPA: $5,23
CPM: $3,36

Second place
Dev: all
Geo: US
CPA: $2,6
CPM: $0,64

Third place
Dev: Android phone
Geo: TR
CPA: $5
CPM: $3.64
Be aware of untrusted partner networks!

Today I am not going to offer you anything. I only want you to be careful with untrusted networks.

Let me explain why:
Our webmaster got fixed rates ($11 for 1k traffic). Everything was fine, but recently he has decided to try another partner network: A******. Right after that his website got banned.

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This webmaster has lost not only fixed rates from us, but also his income from the website.

So, my message is simple: work with trusted partner networks, or, at least, be pretty careful with new ones.
Fresh offers are waiting for you!

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Look at these offers of the week:

Category: Sweepstakes
Geo: CZ
CPA: $3,70
CPM: $1,17

Category: APK
Geo: FR
CPA: $0,4
CPM: $2,92

Category: Download
Geo: CA
CPA: $3,4
CPM: $0,54

Category: Subscribe
Geo: AU
CPA: $3,2
CPM: $7,96

Choose us and start to earn more right now!

Do you have any wishes or preferences for setting up campaigns? Write to our support and we will discuss all details: [email protected]
Profitable offers for your campaigns. Stay up to date!

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Today we want to show you popular offers for the last week.

Category: Subscription
Geo: ES
CPA: $10,26
CPM: $1,49

Category: Download
Geo: US
CPA: $4,2
CPM: $6,63

Category: Download
Geo: CA
CPA: $7,25
CPM: $0,69

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Some offers are on private mode, if you want to run them, ask our support team for more details: [email protected]
404: Beer Not Found

[Image: b09c7702d608.png]

Today is April 4th, which means that today is 404 day! We congratulate all webmasters across the world.

We want to wish you success and the implementation of all plans.

Happy 404 Day!
[Image: c81aaf5bc37b.jpg]

Here are the best offers for the last 2 weeks from the major partners!

Our top picks include:

Category: App
Geo: RU
CPM: $24.09

Category: Subscription
Geo: CY
CPM: $19,45

Category: Utility
Geo: US
CPM: $15,25

Do you want a stable income? Mobile10 can provide you not only the best offers, but also fixed rates.

Ask our support to get more information: [email protected]
[Image: e1286a863937.jpg]

5 most interesting and relevant questions for webmasters and answers to them.

1) Question: how to raise rates for my traffic and increase profitability from the same traffic volume.
Answer: You need to place the codes exclusively or send all traffic. The larger is the volume, the easier it is to optimize the area for traffic.

2) Question: how do I get paid faster?
Answer: The system of payments directly depends on the volume. The publisher whose turnover of $ 300 per day can get weekly payments.

3) Question: what payment methods are the fastest and most convenient?
Answer: bitcoin / webmoney

4) Question: Is it possible to customize the settings for my sites?
Answer: yes, of course, it will be especially easy to configure for a large volume. Just write to our manager;)

5) Question: Is the code secure?
Answer: yes, we change promo domains only once / twice a year.

P.S. Also we have prepared the TOP-3 the most original questions Smile

1) I don’t yet have a website, can you pay the advertising ahead?
2) Where are you located? Hire me, I'm ready to buy ticket.
3) Let me give you traffic, and we'll arrange an erotic chat in return.

Want to ask something else? Our support team will be happy to help you: [email protected]
[Image: 5ccf587bd9cb.jpg]

Mobile10 is about to be even more mobile!

We are considering an option of creation a mobile app.
This app will allow you easily manage your campaigns from any mobile device.

We’d be very appreciate if you answer:

1)Do you think this app is necessary?
2)Do you work with another affiliate network with this mobile app?
3)If you work, is it convenient?

Have something to offer? Just let us know
You can leave a comment here or write to our support team:
Email: [email protected]
Hi, guys!

Top countries with the highest eCPM:

Denmark 1.75
Germany 1.39
Russian Federation 1.32
Cyprus 1.23
United Kingdom 1.15
New Zealand 0.97
Lithuania 0.85
Belarus 0.81
United Arab Emirates 0.78
Estonia 0.70

If you want to know about the rate of the particular country - ask our support: [email protected]
[Image: fcd7442c1313.jpg]

Top-3 offers for the 2 last weeks!

Category: Music
Geo: BY
CPM: $2,45

Category: Utility
Geo: CA
CPM: $2,30

Category: Utility
Geo: ES, DE, AU
CPM: $2,05

Also we can provide you daily fix, just contact our support.
Email: [email protected]
Skype: rachel.mobile10
[Image: cd2eb5d834cf.png]

Today I want to share a case from our publisher Max.
This case will be useful for beginners.

Some publishers think that a lot of advertising on the site will help to get maximum profit.
But is it really so?
When the site has a lot of advertising, the average user will be annoyed.

At first Max decided to install a lot of popups from different partner networks. It did not bring a good result.
Then he contacted Mobile10 and we offer him fixed CPM rates. Max left only Smartlink, without additional popups.
Traffic source: The webmaster uses only android traffic from "download" buttons  with a key substitution

As you can see the situation was getting better immediately.

Now Max doesn’t need to worry about his income and can concentrate on the development of other sites.

P.S. All traffic Max decided to sell only from 9th of July.

Want to get profit from your website, but you are not sure you can handle it by yourself?
Contact on of our support via Skype: rachel.mobile10
She will analyze your situation and provide the best possible options.
[Image: adc2cb40d991.jpg]

Time of new changes: Real-time Bidding in Mobile10

We are glad to announce that now you can buy and sell traffic via RTB model. Advertisers and publishers can automatically bargain, trade and control media buying process.

Why is it useful for advertiser?

1) Cost-effective. Real-time bidding allows advertisers to bid on the most relevant, valuable users.
2) Maximum automation. You no longer have to deal with publishers or ad networks manually. Automate the whole process of negotiating with us!
3) Access to a wide array of inventory across a lot of websites. We can sell traffic using direct-text, text, teaser and banner formats.

Why is it useful for publisher?

1) Maximizes your revenues through a highly competitive bidding process.
2) Publishers can see what specific segments of their audiences are best performing and most sought after by advertisers.
3) SSPs provide publishers with a clearer picture of what they are selling, what are their targeting and what price works better.

As a result, advertisers get more effective campaigns, and publishers - more money for traffic.

Ready to try right now?
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[Image: 18ed41858e5b.jpg]

Here are the best offers for the last 2 weeks!

OS: Desktop
Geo: US
CPM: $19.44

OS: Desktop
Geo: US
CPM: $6,53

OS: Windows
Geo: US, FR, DE, IT, AU, JP
CPM: $2,7

It is possible to consider options such as fixed rates, net0 and prepaid expenses!

Ask us for more information: [email protected]
[Image: 7b305bf884be.png]

Top-3 best offers for the last 2 weeks!

Vertical: VAS
Geo: AE
CPM: $32,04

Vertical: Install, download, utility
Geo: US
CPM: $28,53

Vertical: Install, download, utility
Geo: US
CPM: $23,7

Also, you can get fixed rates!
Ask our support: [email protected]
[Image: 26b8923561ad.png]

Top rates for Android!
We have prepared for you rates for the last week!

Spain - $1.02 - 1.57
Greece - $1.24 - 2.05
Russian Federation  - $1.55 - 2.09
United States - $1.64 - 2.02
United Kingdom - $1.58 - 2.39

If you want to have a stable income you can choose fixed rates!
Ask our support for more information: [email protected]
[Image: bcd73b77d963.jpg]
5 best offers  for the last 2 weeks!

Vertical: Mobile Subscription
Geo: AE
CPM: $9,06

Vertical: Install
Geo: SE, NO, NL, DK, CH
CPM: $7,32

Vertical: Install
Geo: RU
CPM: $5,73

Geo: SA
CPM: $5,45

Vertical: Install
Geo: DE, FR, IT, JP
CPM: $4,20

Need another country?
Ask our support: [email protected]
[Image: 13aa2ae996c9.png]
Top rates for Android!

  1. Germany - $1.81 - 2.19
  1. Russian Federation - $1.56 - 1.98
  1. Greece  - $1.80 - 3.55
  1. United Kingdom  - $2.17 - 2.95
  1. Iran - $2.20 - 2.51

These days we have an offer: Get $50!
Start sending traffic now to grab your 50 USD bonus.
More information you can get from our support: [email protected]

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[Image: b7c7316afd22.jpg]

5 best offers  from 29.10 to 13.11!

Vertical: Mobile Subscription
Geo: RU
CPM: $22,75

Vertical: SOI
Geo: KH
CPM: $7,27

Vertical: Sweepstake
Geo: GB
CPM: $6,65

Geo: RU
CPM: $5,41

Vertical: E-commerce, Install
Geo: RU
CPM: $4,5

Write to our support if you want fixed rates: [email protected]
[Image: datafilehost.png]

Today I want to share a case from our publisher.

Primary traffic source: file hosting site
Primary countries: IN ID ZA PK MY
Commission type: fix CPM 3 and weekly payouts
Ad format used: pop-up (“download” button)
Top devices: win / android

Want to get more profit from your website?
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Mobile-10 Team wishes you a Happy Holidays!

[Image: M10-NY-banner-v5-2.png]

May Santa brings lots of converting offers and high-quality traffic for you this Christmas. 
Hi there! It's time to share a case study from the webmaster Samir. He monetizes traffic by apk.

Primary traffic source: from his own publishers
Primary country: India
Ad format used by Samir: direct link.

[Image: 2c2429bc41814eadfe4de585d02a036f.png]

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