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My Guide to the basics - Merlot
Thanks for the information its a great guide for a newbie like me.
Nice guide but you forgot to mention PPI, PPI = Quick Cash
Really reall helpful it is, thanx for ur time and sharing Smile
Some nice information here. thanks!
Thanks for sharing your information dude, you have written all story about CPA.. But I like your concept of hating new networks launching everyday and also for affpaying.. But I think 80% of all the networks are mainly focusing on the reviews of their members who will post on that site.. and based on that reviews they will reply and improve their features... But really I like your concept and also waiting for your next post on white hat...
Thanks for sharing this is very inspiring...
I have saved this page for reference. But I also think you can use CPA even without a website or blog, at least I read that somewhere else. What do you think of that?
Very nice and thanks for the heads up with on these networks.
Wow. This guide was very detailed and very simple to follow. Thanks for providing me with this. It was very useful. Smile
A very nice share which we can imply and use as motivation in earning. ^_^
Very nice, thanks for showing us this! very in depth Smile
Very Detailed Guide....Thanks mate for sharing it...
Thnks gor share very nice information im new here and this month my earning nathin.. I want to start but i dont know wht can i do and how to start
Nice tutorial Merlot thanks for sharing it
One of the basic things i need now! thank you for all these informations. bookmarked, saved. Thanks again
Thanks for the info man! I need to study more! whew!
The article very good and teach us about where to start. and how we doing it. its very useful especially to newbies. including me who basically has little knowledge still.
Thanks Mod, It Answers all of my questions ,becuase I am new to this Smile
Thank you for your post, it is so useful to me.
Very informative it helpful for us thanks for the guide
Im new to this and this is the first thread I have read. wooow nice info man thanks!!!

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