My Journey To $300 Per Day (CPA) YouTube Traffic
Hi Guy! Youtube is the best way to drive traffic to our website but the method to ranks our video on first page is hard.
After one year I have do the research about ranking video fast because I saw someone ranked their videos so fast on the first page in just 12 hour. The question is how they do that in my mind. 
Last one month ago after I have tried to review and check the 10 ranked video on first page in just 12 hour, I spend 2 hour a day learn about their video and after that I get the key to rank my video on first page. 
What to do next after I good at Youtube traffic, I have sign up with CPA net work and drive traffic from Youtube to my CPA landing page after they complete offers I will get income. Now day I can make $100-$300 Per day from CPA network. 
So for my recommendation is do the research more and more about (Youtube Traffic), It is the first key to make money online if you are good at about traffic you will know 1000 way to make money with like CPA, AM,Clickbank etc...

I hope you like it
How close are you to making your goal of $300 per day??
Good luck, looks like your on track, should be fairly easy to reach even more
Thanks Guy for sharing old method to us. Smile Smile Smile Smile Bigsmile Bigsmile Bigsmile Bigsmile
Can you share how you are doing that,as i can't see the screen shot..
Hi, can you tell us more about your method? need to have more details
It is not journey, it is just a review how you upload a video and made few $$$. I expected how you started and followed your every day plan and making improvement and growing cash.
Can you share how you are doing that
Smile  you sgould at least share a method. That will be useful for us

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