My autopilot strategy of making +1000$ per month + payment proof
Hello CPAHERO Members Today i share with you a methode that i have been using in the last Days and i made it in a Form of a PDF file

Warning : So Befor you Guys unloxk the content this methode is about Forex and copying Traders i know is out of CPAHERO MAIN TYPE OF CONTENT BUT ENY WAY JUST WANTED TO SHARE SOMETHING THAT IS WORKING ON THIS FORUM NOT SOME [email protected] ACCOUNTS AND CPA METHODE THAT DON'T work For every one :3

Payment proof from my skrill :   Moneymouth

[Image: HIhWXb7VRsS-CBbWsT9eeA.png]

Balance in account : 

[Image: ipO-pSK4TCSsOPqiYfiRZw.png]

So Here is the PDF :

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In a nutshell, this is how I make money online , without doing almost nothing

So please join us , and stop wasting your time on how to make 1$ profit per day threads using 12H methods 

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I'm interested, is it about affiliates or does it operate in forex?
Its about forex trading but you don't need to know how to Trade you just sign up in the website and let expert trade for you

Just Follow my methods in the link
Good luck
It's against the rules to lock anything with an affiliate link, so I have removed the lock. It's also a really bad idea, as you'll earn far more from members being able to openly join under you, without being blocked by a lock, than the few points you would gain by locking it.

Also, it's not a journey thread, so thread has been moved.

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