Need Scam/ Spam Forum Section
Hello! I am Shanto.I am new here now.But I love this community and I am ready to live here by following rules of

So,I did not joined in any other forum till now.This is the first forum that I joined.I gound some less.Decided to share here thar Admin and MoD can take action about it.

In this forum there is no Scam or Spam Section.If there is a Spam or Scam option.Then Normal member can make thread about their trading experince.We all know there is a Marketplace Section in this forum.Also know,There are many reputive members here.But there can be some scammers.So,we should know about it before we get scammed again.If Scam/Spam section attached in this community,we can report about any member who are scamming here.

Also,There are many member who spamming in this community rapidly.We can catch them by following their behaviour.And we can make thread about that spammer to take action against him.

Also,Many site is going to scam arena.If one member report about that,we can be pinged about it and will stop working on that site.

I think,My idea will a
lso help the Admin and MoD because if everybody help them to find scammer and spammer,their work will be more easy.

Note: If this kind of section come to this forum and anybody want to make thread about anybody or anysite,He must need proper logic and Proof.


Hi Shanto, thanks for your concern and opening this thread.

Just to assure you that there is no place for Spammers / Scammers on CPAHero... they get banned straight away. Lots of senior & reputed members has lost their account due to that. We don't want to make a list of scammers and track them by creating a seperate forum... we just remove them from CPAHero. Thanks to our Moderation team, especially @Asmodeus who work relentlessly to keep this forum clean & worthy.

Regarding low quality post... as I always request to all the members to use the "Report" function whenever they find anything that breaks forum rules or of low quality. As soon as you report a post we get notification... it helps us to track and take action. We first warn the member... and , repeated violators often get banned.

Regarding Marketplace... we have taken measures to approve threads manually, after checking background of the member... like his previous posts, reputation, engagement etc. We just don't want to make it an Open Marketplace where anybody come and start selling his product. Manual approval has reduced the scamming incidents to an extent of 90%. Those who are old members, can feel this.

Again, I request all awesome members of CPAHero...
>> Use the "Report" function to inform the moderation team about anything wrong you see. In other case, you can PM us with the details.
[Image: Report.png]

>> We have Reputation system named "Review". You can add (-) Reputation to a repetative violator. But, please don't misue this system... don't use this for any personal reason or small mistakes. Similarly appreciate members for their worthy contributions with (+) Reputation.
[Image: Reputation.png]

>> When you see any case of scamming, open a new thread with proofs to justify your claim in "Talk about anything" and invite @Asmodeus or me.

Let us make CPAHero a better place to fulfil our goal: Learn & Earn.

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