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Networks with Instant Approval
I have a good method, if you want pm me.
You can try Adworkmedia, AdscendMedia, CPAWay, PeerFly in CPA, these are all newbie friendly

You can also try FileIce, ShareCash in PPD Networks...
So there's CPAlead, CPAgrip, and Sharecash. How about in ppd?
I am not sure if there are so many CPA networks that have the instant approval method. They usually take time to check out the new member and the details they have provided to see if they can benefit from using such a member. But will keep checking to see if such companies are out there.
I don't think you should go for the cpa sites that allows instant approvals because from experience, they come up with issues. What i think you should do is to register a domain, set up a wordpress blog on it with articles, create a customized email and apply. Thats how i got approved.

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