[New Rule] No Thank You Post Before Unlocking Thread
This came into light that some members are just trying to increase the post count and doesn't give a damn about unlocking thread and reading the actual content. I recieved 37 reported posts today and more than 75% posts reported because of this.

I am not going to tolerate this type of LQ'ness. From today onwards if anyone found posting a thank you without unlocking the thread will get a straight warning (1+), if repeated permanent ban.

If you are not willing to pay 0.10$ to read the thread then you don't have any right to earn 0.08$ because of that thread.

Beware. You have been warned!

Thanks for implementing this rule , The LQness and spam posting will reduce this way.
Thank you for telling this, the first 3 days, i was not aware that this money here was really (dumb me). I just posted comments without unlocking! then, one member remind me how it works, then, I unlocked everything in order not to get banned.
I really like this rule. Thank you for implementing it. It drives me insane when people just want to increase the post count and get money. Don't they know that you guys look at their posts when they try to cash out?
This is a good idea to prevent those LQ poster.
Just wanted to point out that it was impossible to see who unlocked content up until about March 1st. So if you see any posts before this time that claim they unlocked it, they might have. But going forward, everyone will know who unlocked the content since that information is displayed right on the post itself.
This rule is already posted here: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. long time ago :P

But thanks for telling ppl again

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