New Shop Items, Awards, and Advertising
Hi All!

It's been a bit since the last update and we wanted to do something big.

We added a bunch of items to the shop which you can buy using your points! To see these items just click on Shop under your profile drop down menu.

We also added the CPAHero Award. You can get this award when you have accumulated 100,000 points on CPAHero. Items purchased from the shop are counted towards your overall value. So for instance if you have 70,000 points and you also own the Tank item which is worth 30,000 points, then your value is 100,000 points.

Also keep in mind that you can sell/return any shop item any time you want for 100% of the value you bought it for. So if you decide one day that you would rather have the points than the item, you can do that. You can also sell one item and buy another just to keep your profile looking fresh.

To CPA Networks who wish to advertise on CPAHero, please contact @Dol14 .

Hope you all enjoy the recent additions.
Thanks a lot for the info and it is nice to hear from you PK.
your dedication + word of all the mods + contribution of all the members have bought this forum a long way and

WE would make sure to reach and keep on reaching new milestones as days, weeks, months, years keeps passing by
Great updates, will try to suggest some new monetizing ideas as awards once i am more active than i already am!
Keep it up , Great idea.
Great update will buy new item in shop Smile
It would be nice if we could buy more than 5 items in the shop, as I'd love to get more for my profile but only 5 will be displayed.

Can that be changed by the admin to 10
Ok it is increased to 10!
Great updates, and Great idea.
Thanks a lot for the info

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