Perry Marshall - Truth Seminar
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Perry Marshall - Truth Seminar | 15.16 GB
This ad is for "Loan Builder," a business born in Planet Perry. PayPal purchased it from a Planet Perry member for a fortune. Now one of the biggest lenders in the world today, they've axis-shifted the banking industry.

Another Planet Perry member was earning $50 an hour managing clicks four years ago. Now he has a company worth about a million. It's profitable, the customers are insanely happy, it's growing at double-digits. It's axis-shifting its market and his company is eminently sellable.

Another guy, exactly two years ago, was the typical Planet Perry code entrepreneur / consultant, hustling, straddling two gigs, trying to manage the ADHD. In 2019 he owns a new movie studio with 1.1 billion dollars in backing. He's playing in the same sandbox as Disney and Universal. Axis-shifting the movie biz.

Your Live Stream registration includes...
- Live stream broadcast* of the 3-day event, starting at 8:30am Central on Tuesday, May 21. Accessible from your desktop or mobile device**
- Pre-event videos & reading, so we all hit the ground running on May 21
- Digital handouts
- Streaming video & MP3 recordings posted 24-48 hours after each day (barring technical difficulties)


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