PopunderZONE Official Ad Network
PopunderZONE is the one and only PREMIUM POP-UNDER AD NETWORK !
PopUnderZONE offers cost per view services and you will get the maximum amount of money each time one of our ads is displayed to a visitor of your website.

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Our features for publishers:

Adult & Non-Adult traffic accepted;
Premium high paying campaigns;
No minimum traffic required;
Payment on request;
Minimum withdraw amount of $10 USD via PayPal;
Withdraw requests are processed within the same day;
Approval in less than 30 minutes for your domains;
100% fill rate, worldwide;
24/7 support.

Our features for advertisers:

Premium traffic coming from premium publishers;
State of the art targeting technology;
Real time reports;
No minimum deposit
1/24 capping;
24/7 support.

Join now - Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

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From 14th June we added direct link option for our publishers. Enjoy it !

PopunderZONE Team

Here you can find attached our first payment proofs.
For more information contact us by mail or Skype.
Anything you need to get in contact with us is on the website.
PopunderZONE team

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Latest payments:

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Here is a list with our top CPM rates:

Portugal - Australia - Canada - United Kingdom - United States - Germany - Austria - New Zealand - Finland - Sweden - Netherlands - Denmark - Norway - Belgium - Israel - Saudi Arabia - France - South Africa - Spain - Germany

Thank you all for your support
PopunderZONE Team
Has anyone from this forum actually worked with them as an advertiser or publisher that could share some insight?

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