[Review] My review about MGCash and it's features
I have been playing around with MGCash for sometime, i didn't make huge profits with them because i'm relatively new to CPA. I build a program to use there technology and MGCash is currently the one that i know that offer some good features as standard. One of them is the "Super URL" which redirects a visitor/customer/user to the best paying offer. Another unique feature is the realtime subid which works well on contrary of other CPA companies. The subid can be manipulated to target each user and does help keeping track of things. The last feature that they have and others don't (i'm not 100% sure) is the possibility to use iframe redirects. This is useful if you are starting fresh without any money because you can register free subdomains and the offer will open in the background living your url brand intact.

To finish MGCash is the CPA company that you should use or atleast register and explore the features and make an important decision regarding your online income.

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