Rules for download links
I think there should be rules for download links

Like only use approved download links like mediafire, etc

A very popular forum has this, just to stop the scammers

Some people that upload stuff on virus sites, has 10 million ads, etc

The only question is how to stop it. Like you can ban domains, but new ones pop up.
You can give users a warning but they just make new ip
I agree. I've been waiting for a response to a PM I sent to @Peacekeeper awhile ago regarding clarification on posted links. I'd love to see only approved sites used for download links to keep all the crap out.
I think 2 different threads yesterday, said

This site will lead you to malware, etc.
During last update we blacklisted around 50 scam & premium file hosting sites. There are new sites coming everyday... we are in process to build another list and block those. Till then please use Report option when you find such sites.
I also suggest a rule requiring sharers to provide a Virustotal link.

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