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[Sachin's [email protected]] Longtail Pro Platinum 3.0.32 Updated
Added in seed keywords and clicked on 'Generate Keywords and Fetch Data'. The loading bar at the top is still 0%. Am I doing anything wrong?

The competitor analysis and everything else works fine for me though.

Edit: It's working fine now!
Oh yea thanks man I was really needing it, thank you very much!! omg really amazing
I need soft, i will run now, good luck
Downloaded it and it works like a charm. The next update was major (ver.3.0.33) they added in a 1 click button to compute for all keyword competitiveness. will be definitely be a time saver for the user. Thanks Sachin!
KC dont working, all KC result = 0. Pls review
Thanks Sachin, but its not working on my PC. Win 7.. :(
It seems that LTA is not working on Windows 7. Has anyone else tested it?
Thank youman, much appreciated! I've been wanting to test this Smile
My Windows defender reports trojan :/


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