Scott Oldford - Leadcraft (2017)
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Scott Oldford - Leadcraft (2017)
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How this lead generation program helps you build an effective automated system for sales and lead generation The program for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business with automated lead generation and stop relying on the hustle

LeadCraft is a 9 module, online course that utilizes a step-by-step process to walk you through everything you need to create a fully automated lead generation system. We verify your business model, establish your strategy, and then walk you through how we apply our proprietary SSF Method to online marketing.

We help you build your online marketing funnel by showing you the exact steps you need to create quality lead magnets, compelling landing pages, valuable emails and a killer Facebook ad strategy that truly works.

And with your free bonus of 60 days free in the LeadCraft Mastermind, you will have all the expert help you need to get up and running quickly. This community is where you interact with our expert coaches and get feedback and direction on your strategy, lead magnets, landing pages, conversion methodsyou name it, we can help with it.

First, in Module 1, we will walk you through the fundamentals of the SSF Method so you understand how to apply it in your business on a deeper level. This is a place for you to become acquainted with what effective online marketing looks like for your business, and prepare your mindset for the work in front of you.

In Module 2, we go over your business model and map out what kind of funnel will work best for you. As you walk through this Module, you can get expert help from our experts in the LeadCraft Mastermind (which you have free access to for 60 days). This module is all about building a solid foundation for your business so you can launch a profitable funnel at the end of it all.

Once weve walked through your business strategy, we turn to the most critical part of your funnel: how you will turn a lead into a customer. Thus, Module 3 is all about Conversion Methods. While your conversion method actually comes at the end of your funnel, planning it out at the beginning ensures that the rest of your marketing aligns with your end goal. This is all about how your funnel will make money so its crucial that this part is correct.

After weve planned out your Conversion Method, Modules 4-7 cover the actual implementation and content creation of your funnel. We go over lead magnets, landing pages, email automations and content development. With a module dedicated to each of these critical pieces, you will be constantly interacting with our experts in the LeadCraft Mastermind and on our weekly calls to get feedback and ensure youre on the right track. Whether its help with writing your lead magnets, or putting together your landing pages, or dealing with the technology, we are here to help you make this as smooth as possible.

Once youve gotten all your content created and reviewed by our team, its time to think about driving traffic to your funnel. In Modules 8 and 9, we cover how to use organic traffic for your funnel, and then dive deep into Facebook ad strategies. By the end of this section, youll practically be a Facebook ads expert and know exactly what you need to do to build an engaged Facebook audience that sets your funnel up for success. And, as always, our team is in the LeadCraft Community to assist you when you need help making your Facebook ads convert.

Plus, as part of your free 60 days in the LeadCraft Community, you get access to our monthly Whats Working Now update, where we dive into changes with Facebook ads and how you can ensure that the strategies you choose are getting you the most affordable leads possible.

Now, I want to show you how to do the same for your business.
9 Core Modules, Packed with Actionable Strategies, Tips and Tactics. This is the heart of the LeadCraft program and you can read above for a step-by-step walk through of each module.

Nearly 100 Plug n Play Swipes and Templates for Your Landing Pages, Emails and Email Automations. One of the biggest obstacles that stands in the way of you launching a successful funnel are the landing pages, emails and automations that have to be set up. With our fully built out swipes and templates, your funnel is practically written for you! If you hate writing or dont want to waste time with just setting up automations and landing pagesour templates will save you easily 20 hours of time.

With fully designed landing page templates for each part of your funnel, email swipes that guide you through exactly which email to write and when, youll never have to worry about whether or not youre doing it right.

The LeadCraft Tech Vault That Shows You How to Automate the SSF Method In Your Business. Sometimes technology can be a pain to work with to get your funnel working properly. In addition to providing you with templates for your tech services, weve taken all the biggest questions surrounding the technology and put it into the LeadCraft tech vault.

Here, we walk through exactly how to use specific pieces of technology with the SSF Method so your funnel flows seamlessly. If you dont feel confident with the tech, this will answer any questions you have and get you moving quickly on building your funnel.

Advanced Trainings, Masterclasses and Guest Expert Sessions. A huge piece of continuing your journey in lead generation is being able to dive deeper into it. Our job is to help you grow your business quickly, which is why we give you an ever-growing library of new trainings, masterclasses and guest sessions so you can get a better grasp on the pieces you may be struggling with.

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