Selling on facebook groups (free)
hello guys 
i wanted to try testing items and see if they will be good for my next fb campaign

so i posted a new item on my store (Led Strips) from aliexpress
[Image: strips%20case%20study.PNG.opt589x524o0%2C0s589x524.PNG] 

[Image: fb%20groups%20case%20study.PNG.opt877x61...77x612.PNG]

and i told a friend to add me on all of his computer groups and gaming groups 
so i posted images of my set up on all computer groups and told them that i bought it online then , i had so much comments asking me about the strips then i give them the link to buy from my store

i had 14 sales in 3 days 
so certainly am gonna set up my ad copies and run fb ads for this item 
but u can try to do the same on groups and any item u want Smile and maybe u can make more if u spend time researching and adding groups
Hello, firstly I would like to thank you for this. in fact, I have a question, do you dependent on publish the product into FB Groups and then did the same but with ads ?
On Facebook groups everyone is trying to sell something.No one is buying anything...

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