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ShareCash - The #1 PPD Network!

ShareCash is the #1 PPD network, plain and simple. We have consistently been a force of innovation in the PPD space since we created the PPD concept in late 2008. Today, our unparalleled platform combines our extensive advertiser connections with our advanced machine-learning algorithms to ensure that you receive more earnings and a higher EPC than ANY other PPD network, guaranteed. Over our past five years in business we've built a reputation as being a solid, reliable PPD network with excellent support and always on-time payments. Every single aspect of ShareCash - from our quality homepage design, to our beautiful user panel, to our download page designs, down to the features we provide - are all leagues ahead of our competition. There is a reason why the majority of top PPD affiliates choose to use ShareCash; if you're not using us, you're losing money.

Every network claims to be "advanced" and claims that they have the "highest payouts." Therefore, instead of just making these claims, we've decided to fully explain and prove each of the claims we make.

The Original PPD Network
  • More Reliable
    • ShareCash was the first PPD network to ever open - we created the concept of a high-paying pay-per-download network in 2008. This means that we have been in business longer than any other PPD network, as well as the vast majority of CPA networks, which makes us more reliable and trustworthy than the bulk of our competitors.

  • More Experience
    • Our years in business have given us more insight and knowledge of the industry than any other PPD network, therefore enabling us to create a system that simply works better than all of our competitors'.

  • True Innovation
    • While every PPD network claims to be "innovative", we're the only network that has actually proven that we are. In addition to actually creating the PPD concept, which is alone more than enough proof, we have consistently added new features and upgrades to both our frontend and backend systems over the past five years, many of which are still unmatched by our competition. For example, our Exclusive Content Collection, which provides our affiliates with over 20,000 pre-uploaded files and niches to promote, is something that no other PPD or CPA network currently offers.

We Pay More Than ANY Other PPD
  • Better Algorithms
    • While most PPD networks just claim to have an "advanced offer algorithm", ShareCash actually uses real machine-learning algorithms to supercharge your earnings. Our advanced offer optimization system uses innovative algorithms to adapt to your personal traffic's characteristics and ensure that the offers that display for your downloads are as highly-optimized as possible. This lets us provide EPCs, conversion rates, and overall earnings that other PPD network simply are not able to attain.

  • More Offers
    • Our years in business have allowed us to create a wide network of top-tier advertisers, many of whom do not work with our competitors. This means that you will have access to many, many more high-quality offers when you use ShareCash over another PPD network. We have over 5,000 offers, consisting of the highest-converting and highest-EPC offers available to the industry, spanning virtually every country in the world.

  • Higher Payouts
    • As we are the largest PPD network, advertisers give us higher rates than they give other PPD networks, which allows us to pay all of our users higher rates than our competition. In fact, many times you will receive more from an offer when using ShareCash than if you had been working with the advertiser directly!

  • Better Landing Pages
    • Finally, we have invested much time, effort, and money into a beautiful download page that ensures you receive the highest possible conversion rate. Additionally, our system uses 20+ mirror domains to ensure that you can use a variety of different domain names in your promotions.

Reliable, On-Time Payments
  • Reliable payments
    • ShareCash has a proven track record of paying on-time, every time, for the past five years. Our years in business and financial stability mean that you never have to worry about receiving your money or not. This is a stark contrast from the scores of new PPD and CPA networks that constantly popup and shutdown, causing affiliates to lose money.
  • More Payment Options
    • We support PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Payquicker, Wire Transfer/ACH and Checks.
  • Faster Payments
    • We offer net3 payments for all of our affiliates - which means you get paid for one month within three days after it ends. Premier members, by default, have access to biweekly payments, which means they can request payments on the 1st and 16th of the month - and have their payments processed the very next day!

Over 20,000 Pre-Uploaded, Legitimate Files
  • Built-in Whitehat Niches
    • Our Exclusive Content Collections contains a vast array of legitimate, pre-uploaded content that you can access directly from your ShareCash account! Our collection gives you an incredible source of endless whitehat niches, allowing you to create hundreds of highly-profitable, low-competition niches without the overhead of niche research and brainstorming.
      • Our Exclusive Software Collection contains 17,000+ software files spanning everything from video game emulators to photo editing software to linux distributions.
      • Our eBook collection contains 3,000+ eBook files that cover hundreds of topics
      • Our Game Guide Collection contains high-quality, custom-made guides for popular games that serve as legitimate alternatives to game cheats.

Unparalleled Platform
  • Beautiful Dashboard
    • Our platform is elegantly designed from the ground up. Our user panel is designed to be user-friendly and beautiful, giving you more features and letting you get more done than any other PPD. We receive constant compliments from our affiliates who say they absolutely love our dashboard.
  • Reliable Infrastructure
    • More importantly, our platform is spread across redundnant infrastructure to ensure you'll never have to deal with the downtime that you experience with other PPD networks.
  • Tons of Features
    • Our rich, advanced platform contains a large array of features, including our content lockers (widgets), link lockers, our suite of statistics tools, a referral banner generator, our Exclusive eBook Collection, our Exclusive Software Collection, our advanced visual file manager, and more!
  • More Statistics
    • We have more statistical tools than any other PPD network (yes, we checked), which let you gain more insight into your traffic and promotions and enable you to truly maximize your revenue.

Premier Program For Top Earners
  • The ShareCash Premier Program is a program designed for elite earners and experienced affiliates. Our Premier Members receive even higher payout rates, as well as Bi-Weekly payments by default.
  • To join the program, you must earn an average of $25/day, or $350 in any two week period. Once you maintain this average, you will be automatically inducted into the program.

Monthly Contests - Instant Cash Giveways
  • Each month we run a contest that gives away thousands of dollars of free money to our affiliates. Our contests are carefully designed to give everybody an equal chance of winning, not just Top Earners.
  • We have paid out over $10,000 in contest winnings in the past few months!

Should I use ShareCash or a CPA network?
  • As a well-run PPD network, ShareCash is equally effective and profitable as any other CPA network. We use a vast array of advertisers and offers, which when combined with our advanced optimization system, give you the same earnings potential as a CPA network. Furthermore, many niches and content types actually work better on PPD download pages than CPA content lockers, which means that your earnings could get an extra boost by just using our highly optimized download pages!

Nice Conversions with the network too ever since the new designed landing page came in.
Sharecash is great! I started with sharecash and earn $2,00 in the first day, i love it!
I think its good for Beginners
Sharecash is my main network I use. I can't understand why there are so many negative comments about them in other forums.
They have the best Convo rate that ive seen so far Smile I sit with about 27-30%
Sharecash it is good but me i make $0 with sharecash anyway it is a good network Pay Per Download. Smile
(02-12-2014, 06:44 PM)teie Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Sharecash ... My firsr PPD I have ever use . I will never forget it . !

it was to my first timeSmile
i earn 10-20$ month...ShareCash is for begginers!
Share cash didnt really make me much money but i still think it is good if you know what you are doing. Plus the new layout and design of it is so cool and fluid!
For Me i dont like it because its not converting for me and also last few days,Ive tested one of my niche with them and usually i got 5-12 downloads per day and i dont got any penny with them.

It's over-saturated and most forums and sites ban/block it. Even some anti-virus programs block it because they flag it as a source for malware (since some of the CPA offers are installers of toolbars).

I never managed to make anything off SC, but I never really it hard. Might try it again with some legal file niches.
Can be regarded as the "original" PPD network.

They allow fake niches, however, your contact details may need to be confirmed by ID scan/etc.

They have cut the percentage they take out of their leads as opposed to the 2009 and before days where offers paid $0.50.

They've gotten a lot better from the past and always pay on time.
I've used Sharecash. It looks really good. Smile Hopefully it works and I'm looking to earn big. :D
This was my first PPD network before I moved to CF. If they were more consistent I'd still be with them.
ShareCash was the first PPD network, however I didn't really use it that much, I like FileIce better.
Sharecash is worth it now. They redesigned themselves adding niches and LP's to help you bank. I guess you guys saw the new tab?

I only have 1 niche on sharecash but makes couple bucks monthly and the payments came in like clock worth.
This is what iam searching for a long time.
I would like to thank for sponsoring our forum posts that were recently.. Well, its a great PPD Network to work with.. I am really looking forward to work this network again..
Good PPD site is , i think :D
Share Cash is my first site i used for earn PPd
I use Sharecash it was the first network I started with. Was recommended by a friend. They are great for beginners. Easy to setup and get started. Even their custom ads are nice to work with. I'm now with a few but still jump on Sharecash now and again.

I don't get why I see people leaving bad feedback about them. I guess they got banned for something silly. They have been good to me, so id recommend them to anyone! Smile
Sharecash is one of the best ppd site, but one thing i dont like about them is they have high minimum payout.
I was using sharecash but they banned my account for creating multiple accounts as i was a newbie & was'nt aware from there rules.
But still they are one of top PPD.

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