Shutterstock image for free
Hello friends i am going to start a giveaway here for shutterstock images. The one who wants images can request shutterstock image here in the same thread and i will provide that image within 24 hours max (depending on my availability). So enjoy my giveaway and enjoy shutterstock images. Thanks
Can you give more informations? Like how long do you do this giveaway? Anyway, thank you!
This giveaway is for limited time. I've not decided the time yet. But thnx for the question. You can request anytime Here.
Thanks for the giveaway mate. Will you provide ownership doc to show to shutterstock if they come with copyright claim?
No, basically those images doesn't come with copyright claim. I don't have any ownership of those images.
Just release the ones without claims. Otherwise, I'll just stick to the old fashioned way.
I think they come with watermark. Do you have the images without watermark.

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