SpyOver - Native Ad Monitoring and Analytics service
SpyOver tracks native ads and landing pages all around the world!
You can find the hottest native ads, landing pages and determine the best winning combination of your competitors! Catch new idea for promo and achieve success in affiliate marketing.

What you can get with SpyOver:

  • Native ads from 115 countries of the world;
  • 4 500 000+ ads, 3 000 000+ landing pages and site pages with daily replenishment;
  • Coverage of 11 traffic sources and 70 affiliate networks
  • Search by keywords, ad text, redirects, publisher, landing page text and landing page url, outgoing url;
  • Analyze the campaign with detailed statistics for each ads in the form of diagrams and graphs. And also -  connection of the site with the Widget ID of the network in the form of a table;
  • Download ads and landing in one click.

Look at the trend of impressions, analyzing the top ads, sites and networks!
Learn which native advertising has received the most traffiс.

Why SpyOver is better?

  1. A feature that other spy services do not have - real views is sorting by the trend of the ads for the selected period, for selected countries and devices.
  2. Translation of ad text into English
  3. Filter by browsers: you can sort ads by main browsers.
  4. Download ads and landing pages and mass download native ads.
  5. Search of landing pages: you can find the best landing pages and see what was the most popular.
  6. Monitoring more number of networks and countries than others spy tools.
  7. The price is cheaper

How SpyOver can help me?

Keep track of how long the competitors' campaign is running, what kind of landings are used and what geo works best. Find in SpyOver profitable bundles, see what offer and where it's spinning, download ads, landings and test them. Based on TOP competitor's native advertising, you can easily create your own effective campaign.

Discover new ideas!

Get ahead of your competitors! Make your campaign profitable!

Interested? What are you waiting for?

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