Stop! Do Not Open/Bump Dead Threads!
In the last weeks I've seen people "opening/bumping" dead threads.
I mean, threads that didn't have a new post in months. If it was one month it could be okay, but 2/3 months? Then however, the thread deserves to be reported and closed.

1) If it's a tutorial, there is probably an updated version of it or it doesn't work as good as before (if not at all).
2) If it was a question, it was probably answered already (or the user) found the answer.
3) Opening an introduction thread? I'm sure the user already knows of the forum in the 2/3 months.

Help us keep the forum clean, report the rule breakers to us!
Note: Please report threads that haven't had a post made in 2/3 months so staff/moderators can close it.

Have fun! We're all here to learn and make money. The cash system we have in place is to provide an extra incentive for you to be here and also as a way for us to say thank you for choosing us.

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