The Biggest Danger to Global Economy!
One of the biggest shock waves to global economy is happening right now under your nose. The Biggest newspapers in the world are afraid to write anything about it. Click on the link at the bottom to read our full letter. Here is just a small part:
Not only that the antitrust authorities did not stop Google’s planned Adblocker, but their complete apathy regarding the move has actually gave Google the support they needed to make even more aggressive moves against their competitors.
Imagine yourself that a couple of decades ago Nike announcing that it will no longer allow Walmart or other stores sell its products if they will also sell AND1 products. Will AND1 be able to grow into the competitive it is now to Nike in the Basketball shoes market?!
Well guess what… Google just did exactly that…

A week ago Google issued a clarification that it will no longer allow competition in the online advertising industry (Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.). Google keeps escalating its anti-competition moves, since the Adblocker announcement made a couple of months ago, AND THE AUTHORITIES ARE SILENT!!! Google now targets worldwide publishers working with full page advertising methods clarifying that Google will prevent these publishers from using its Adsense platform as long as they are using full page advertising!!!
Google is doing so pretending to care for user’s experience, while all they care about, and cared about the entire time, IS GROWING THEIR PROFIT by all means!!! Including killing the competition!
The authorities must prevent Google from using its control in the browsers market to strengthen its (almost total) control in the advertising market!!!

See in the following link our full letter containing all the information you need
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Amen to that! Very interesting article, I hope popups will stay, they make me a lot of money.

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