The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Blueprint UPDATED- eBook
Here's a great eBook on developing a proper facebook page and making sure it is efficient to monetize. It'll help you to attract a great amount of fans as well as teach you on how to market your page, setting up ads properly. You can use your CPA offers alongside with this (greatly recommended, you should get really good leads)

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Please let me know if you enjoyed this.

edit- forgot to mention, this has 21 pages.
Is this method involves buying some ads? i have many books about fb and all talks about free organic traffic but veryone really talks about ads :P
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What is this I just paid 50 points
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I'm sorry, I remember placing my download link in there, I don't know why it got removed =/

I'll be sure to fix it right away.
This doesn't happen to be my ebook right? haha, just checking
Lmfao go check it out man.

I doubt it is, I didnt get this ebook from here.
Anyone else had any luck with this? Interested in trying it but I am just not certain if It is for me.
(08-20-2016, 01:25 PM)rana8080 Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Anyone else had any luck with this? Interested in trying it but I am just not certain if It is for me.

Tbh, yes, this has worked out VERY WELL for me so much. This guide plus many others which I have have helped me out tremendously. You should try it out first before deciding if its not for you, get some experience first! Get me? You'll never know how it'll work out.

And this eBook has helped me out QUITE A BIT, it helps point some things to you and shows you how to view/use facebook from a business standpoint, ensuring you make the most outta it! =).
Thanks for trying this ebook out. I hope it has been working well for those of you that have used it!

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