Thread Options Should I buy proxies for my needs?
I already made a c# bot wchich is doing some stuff, like upvoting on sites. The thing is I have to have different ip per 1 upvote. Using a mobile internet I am able to get about 1000 different ip per day - the only thing I have to do is just run another application which is restarting my router. After 10 sec I have another public ip.

But I would like to use my voting bot on vps. I would need 1000 different ip. Should I implement proxy in my bot, or should I use VPN, or maybe something else?

What do you think? What would be the best? I think proxy can be so expensive. Is this possible to obtain 1000 proxy for 100$?
Yea proxies are a must for automation nowdays. deppends on how tough your target is, but you can try with public proxies first. you can get about 1-2k working ones on average. i made a tool called proxy raider to scrape public proxies.. google it, maybe it helps Smile
You can use proxy pool providers... they are very good as you'll get HQ rotating proxies per 1-3 mins + multiple parallel connections (10-100).

Here's a site... it's offering 7 days trial... you can look at it.

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