Virtual Game Site Using CPA & Paypal For Sale
This is a 6+ year old game site where members can buy and sell properties to become the Donald Trump of a virtual city online. Has a leaderboard and members can use in-game currency which can be earned by completing CPA offers or bought via Paypal to use toward maintaining their empire.

I am one of only 6 people to have a legal version of the unique script that sold at the time for $1500 and I completely rewrote the names, buildings, description, etc to be 100% unique and exclusive to my [/quote]site. I also created a video & virtual bank for it that no other site has and is monetized through CPA offers.

Selling because, at 50, I am semi-retired and letting go of most of my online empire, including some well established websites. I haven't touched this one in awhile. but just renewed the domain so I could sell to someone who could make good use of a fun site. I could get a few hundred on Flippa, but since I'm not asking that much I thought I'd list here first because of its CPA monetization.

Comes with the hosting account, as I will NOT be moving it or installing it for the little amount I'm asking. I just want to give the keys to someone who can run with it, have fun and make some money.

Only asking $100 for quick sale!

The site is....

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Oh, and its regged at for the whole year Smile
Feel free to ask questions!!! Smile
I'm not active on this forum. But I found it on Google. Can you send me more information?

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