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Welcome to
Hello fellow content lockers and CPA marketers, welcome to!

I would like to introduce myself. Many of you may know me from other forums, but for the sake of keeping my other forum accounts safe, I have to conceal my identity. I hope you understand, I haven't even told my closest friends.

I have been in affiliate marketing for about 4 years and have made over $150,000 in my affiliate marketing career. Most of the money I have made was in the last two years, and I have been earning more and more as I learn more, try new things, and adapt from my mistakes.

I created this forum to give you guys an opportunity to discuss your methods freely without having to buy a special account or pledging your loyalty only to this forum. I personally hope you use other forums, some great ones that I know of are warriorforum, *****, and *****. At we believe in open communication with little restriction. We will make sure the forum never becomes too spammy, but other than that, we are not here to protect networks or their interests. We are simply here to let CPAHero members talk freely and share methods that will help the community earn more, together.

This is your forum. Please let us know what you want and if there is enough support for your suggestion, we will add it. We are not here to bully you around, we are here to listen.

Check out our awards system. I tried to make it as straight forward as possible so when you see someone with one of our awards, you know what they got it for and it's well deserved. All of our awards mean something and we promise we will not hurt the integrity of our award system by releasing awards that don't belong or overlap other awards. We're sorry if you're hoping for an award for just being awesome lol We don't offer those here, but we'll give you an award if you can prove you've earned over $5k in a month, give you superpowers if you receive a certain number of thanks, and award you for introducing others to our community.

We also added group badge images for the top 10 CPA/PPD networks. Simply click on 'Groups' in the titlebar and select the network you are currently with. I think it helps that we all share which networks we are earning with so we know who's paying and worth joining, plus your name will turn from noob-white to money-green!

Being that this is a young forum, I will be hosting competitions to incentivize members to refer other users. Please stay tuned for contest details! Cheers and welcome to!!! (sun)

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Thank You For Creating This Type Of Forum Where everything will be opened
Np and thank you for joining. It's our 2nd day and we're off to a great start
Design is awesome I think this forum will be a hit.
Yeah I like the looks of it too, best of luck.
Simply flawless! Great design great concept kudos my friend!
I also like it will share some guides soon
Thanks for the forum, looking forward to quality contribution and also i will be providing some useful resources here too.
I totaly love this forum already!
I hope I can stay on this forum and help out the community :D

Thanks for this!
Thanks for building this awesome site.
Now all of us can learn more and earn too. Smile
Thank you for this forum, good job
This site seems very interesting. Hope it lasts Smile
I love this new forum and his design ! Smile
I hope reach the best level!
This is a really good site, not been here for long but i've enjoyed it. Thanks!
Thanks for this sir.. because you make this forum a nice and worth to earn :D
The site is very cool , i think they come a big site!
Amazing...thanks to all.......

i want this site..perfectly...........
Thankyou for welcoming bro , I LOve to stay here and enjoy my stay sometime. Great job!
Thank You Admin For This Valuable Forum. By This Forum, Users, Mods, Admin Will Get Rich Quick Soon. God Bless You. All The Best.
This website is very cool, never thought about this system, but Thank you so much! I think i'm gonna spend much more time here. Thank you for creating this Smile
Lets see Joined Now and looks good :D

Just one advice please choose staff wisely as they are real power of any forum :D

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