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What is CPA and PPD? Which is better?
Despite the fact that cpa has a higher payouts,it still better for a newbie to start out with ppd as it's easier to get conversions,and that's due to the fact that ppd networks optimize the offers for you,wich is a hard a task for a newbie to perform.
Cpalead for new ppd or cpa markers

Peerfly bit harder to get accepted
I'm a CPALead Ninja and doing really well Smile
I go for CPA. I've started with CPA(incentive) with content locking / file locking and i've done pretty good. Never had a problem. Never tried PPD, just registered on some to get access to forum to see if there was something helpful (L0L)
Im with CPAGrip as main network, and also have account at CPALead and MGCash
Thank you very much for your post
Either cpa or ppd are good, What really matter is the method on how to monetized it.
CPA is for big money and PPD is for simply earn money. But I think for newbie PPD is better.
I've had success with both of them to be honest I think it just depends on your niche/angle you're promoting. They're both great.
Both are good but for me CPA is the best and better
As for me, CPA is better for it gains you more reward than PPD does. There is a platform with lots of high reward offers, you can check it out here: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
I like the way you put it together but l still more understding of how it's works.
Depends on the niche and the kind of traffic you are getting etc
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What about cleanfiles? ive heard great things about them
The whole article and comments helped me a lot and i just want to say,"Thanks A Lot,My Mentors."
PPD is best.Because it is more reliable to promote the brand of your product.
Well, CPA And PPD both Are good to me....

But I'd recommend CPA over PPD... CPA PAYS Better!!!
CPA is kind of better and has more profit, and its more auto-pilot. Finance or make money CPA is best one

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