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Whitehat Journey to $5000/Month by Blogging [Everything Shared]
Hello and best of luck to you on this great journey. I will be following along.
I will certainly check back on this thread every day to see more updates on your amazing journey
Nice content updating is really good keep sharing.
Thanks so much for all the kind replies. It's very much appreciated Smile

I've been busy with the whole website transfer and rebranding lately but the today finally, the new website is up and running : Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

In order to maintain SEO progress, I redirected the entire old site (Pro Passive Profits) to the new site (Blogging Action). I'm very happy with the switch because the name is actually relevant to the niche of the blog now. This gives the blog more potential to become an authority figure in the niche, and the keyword "blogging" in the domain name will also help for SEO.

I also redesigned many parts of the blog to accommodate the rebranding and I think it's looking pretty good. I'm not 100% satisfied with the current logo but considering that I made it myself, it's not too bad. Here's a screenshot of what the blog looks like:

[Image: 3b0933b0a6.png]

What I'm gonna be working on for the next couple of days is improving my existing content -- especially my 'Start Here' & 'About' pages and the free eBook I offer to my readers. I want to make everything more high-quality and valuable before moving forwards with creating new content.

[Image: 9e20caaebf.jpg]

I also am planning on creating a 'Blogging Tools' or 'Resources' page that recommends my favourite blogging tools (with affiliate links wherever possible).

Furthermore, I want to implement more opt-ins on the blog. Right now, the only opt-ins on the site are on the sidebar and pop-up which both aren't visible on mobile. Since I have a ThriveLeads license, this shouldn't be a problem - it's just a matter of deciding how spammy I'm willing to be with the opt-ins.

I will keep you updated on the progress of all this. The sooner I get all of this done, the sooner I can get back to writing more blog posts and growing the blog. Thank you so much to everyone who's been commenting and following the journey!

And please, let me know what you think about the new site!
Awesome that you got the new website up and running! Bet this is huge relief to have that doneSmile
Good luck with your jurny bro , keep it up
I hope i can earn some day
It's great to see you are putting so much effort in your Journey. Blog can be a good source of passive income, but it need constant update and lots of planning. I hope you are doing well.
Good luck with your journey! Don't Quit. I know people who make a lot of money from blogging. I've heard of people who actually do outsourcing for this kind of stuff as blogging is a constant updating but your progress is looking good, keep it up!
This is great progress so far. I like some of the unique ideas such as using and finding an expired/aged domain. I've been playing around with blogs for a decade and I've found that my lack of consistency has really hurt me in building a profitable site. I'm currently working on a schedule to keep me blogging more consistently, but it's really tough to stay focused especially when you're trying to make a living at the same time. I wish you the best and look forward to your updates. I've bookmarked your blog.
Good luck with your journey mate wish you and all cpahero members more success Smile
Hello can you please tell me which ad networks did you use in your site? thanx in advance!
Let's see how it goes, good luck. I will check your blog also.
(04-15-2016, 06:35 PM)Miley Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
[Image: GGGWyNL.png]

Background: Hey everyone! My name is Gabriel and I've been doing affiliate marketing for over 2 years now. I've had my fair share of success with greyhat niches, but I want to start migrating to whitehat niches for a long-term investment in my future.

Action Plan: I decided to start an affiliate marketing blog since I've been researching and learning about it consistently for the past 2 years and thought it would be a great topic for me to blog on. I will be sharing everything about this journey so that you can follow along with me and see exactly what I'm doing. Expect regular updates on thread!

Check out my the blog here: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

I'm going to be writing high quality articles with a minimum of 2000 words. These articles need to be filled with plenty of valuable information and images as I'm trying to rank my articles in Google without using any black hat methods - therefore, focusing on the user satisfaction is the best bet to promote growth. As I'm writing this thread up, I've written 5 articles but I'm only proud of the 3 latest ones (the 2 first ones aren't as long and detailed, and sort-of off-topic in terms of where I want to take this blog).

I'm going to be doing manual email outreach by finding related blogs and trying to get them to share my content to their readers. That way, I can get a few authority links rather than a ton of low quality blackhat links.

I will answer all questions I get and post daily updates what I'm doing, so stay tuned!

I hope you follow along on my journey! Thanks Smile
Gabriel St-Germain

Hey mate! I love on how you are sticking on old link building methods which will surely generate high authority backlinks for your website. I have a question. Are you gonna apply some PPC/PPV Ads network to get your earnings later? Or you're going to sell some of your methods through the email marketing proccess? Are you getting any results from the SEO you've done to your blog? What is the amount of traffic which you're gathering right now? Is it mainly SEO Traffic source or else? I saw some quality content on there and I'm gonna check some posts for sure. Thanks again!
Hello matey hey listen your site is down i have tried check it out but does not work
this is the error i get !!!!

500 Server error

Empty response from server
Generated Tue Apr 18 00:37:34 2017 by losangeles-s05-i03 (ziproxy/3.3.1)

Checking out the site, it seems to be not showing up in the searches,bummer!
Since the OP hasn't posted on our forum in a whole year and both his sites are now gone, I would consider this a dead journey thread, so...

Thread now closed to further discussion.

It's a shame because this was one of the few journey threads that had true potential to succeed. However, you need patience to succeed, and I think the rebranding was a bad idea. The original domain name was fine. Stick with ONE thing and follow it through before moving on.

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