Why CPAHero.com
Hey guys I just want to take a moment to pitch some quick facts to you about our forum.
  • CPAHero gives over 85% of what our advertisers give us, back to YOU in paying you for posting here.
  • CPAHero pays you 1 cent for every post your referral makes, forever.
  • CPAHero has a shop where you can buy and sell limited-time items.
  • CPAHero offers black hat and white hat discussions. We do not discriminate.

Thank you all for your posts here and helping us grow to 20,000 posts in under 3 months!
@ Peacekeeper , imagine CPAHero has helped me to increase my PPD earnings from 3 dollars daily to over 8 dollars now in just 3 weeks. I have gotten all the social promotion tips And my fan page has grown from 2k likes to over 3k likes in the 3 weeks.
Thank You for the forum. I love CPAHero and all its members. Their posts are very helpful.
Yeah its a great forum to learn and earn. I'm so glad to be a part of it.

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