Poll: will I be banned from using hitleap premium for my youtube views?
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Will I be banned of using hitleap premium in youtube views?
Hi,I'd like to upgrade my hitleap account to premium so I can boost my youtube views and earn from monetizing.But I'm afraid if youtube would ban my account.Thanks,
Hi sir. using hitleap regular or premium will not increase yr views.
This is due to the recent update of YT in MAY 2014.
Hope i helped
That's bad,I am late for this method :(
By the way....don't boost any video that is adsense enabled ... it'll risk your a/c
Thanks!guess I'll have to promote my youtube contents in a a hard way :/
I tried it with adsense enabled with hitleap premium, but it didnt work, dont try it again
You will not be banned, however it won't count once you hit 301 views as it comes from one source, meaning you cannot go past that limit until you get legitimate views.
Why would you get banned for using it on youtube, though its not gonna help lol. Just try using a site that's made for youtube views
I saw a lot of youtube in hitleap alternate site. They're hitleap agent.
I also tried it a long time ago, but it do not works for me.
IF you need HR Views come to me :P
It will ban mate Smile as my friend just tested it already ! it FYI Smile thanks
Using Illegal tricks to Increase views on youtube will just ruin everything, and if you have adsense with it?you will just be banned,check the TOS there should no automatic views.

Just use backlinks for your Youtube Videos,or share it to FB pages
It was easy to use hitleap when adding views to youtube but sometime they banned videos or delete it when they noticed about the traffic. But I used hitleap last week and combined it to exchange views sites and it worked.
Upload and forget is better, youtube will catch you, I know very well... lol
I ve used hitleap premium with youtube and I got paid from adsense.
Better,try to create a temporary account and check hitleap premium on it.
(08-18-2014, 06:16 AM)Adri124 Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Upload and forget is better, youtube will catch you, I know very well... lol
i did run too but it's problem not increase video views. lol

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