[journey]TO instagram From RUSSIA <3
Hello fellow marketers, so it has been a while since instagram has got my attention, but i am not one of those people who would just dive in and see what would happen.
I have been lurking , and silently preparing for this day.

So, long story short i want to brag about my success to you. Money
I will bank hard on IG.
I have invested a lot of money to this. Lets just say XXXX.
My ammunition:
Accounts - 5.000.
Sim cards - 10.000. Russian
Proxy - private botnet.
Automation - fl + massplaner.
sms activation bot - private.
Web 2.0 creator bot - private.
couple ogads and cpagrip accounts for the start.

Why am i posting this again? After months of hard work i can now clean the sweat of my face, and get the revenge.
It's not about how much i make, it's about what influence can i make.
Going to be posting earnings when it hits though.
#From russia with love
Spoiler: Botnet
Spoiler: Accounts
Spoiler: My developer
VitalikX0R01 @ xmpp.jp
Day 1 update. Uploaded first 1000 accounts ,
120~ ban instantly.
700~ got PV
230~ Banned after PV

about 600 accounts running. Photos uploaded. What can i say.
It's only begining and i allready and i
F*** love it
At least i can go to sleep now.
Your ban rate is too high

Do you add urls at the first day itself ?
Definitely will follow this journey mate! And yeah ban rate is high, but this also happened to me. Every accounts are the same niche?

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